TruDim Floodlights


Track Lights, Recessed Cans, Outdoor Fixtures

Features and Benefits:

  • Multi-level adaptive circuitry provides stable linear dimming from 100 to 2%
  • Features a dimming curve that closely matches the human eye response of incandescent dimming
  • Overdrive technology provides faster run-up time
  • Superior circuitry design controls low dim level starting capability
  • Zero low end flicker
  • Unique NanoTi pre-phosphor coating improves Lumen Maintenance over the life of the lamp

Suggested Dimmer: Designed specifically for use with standard non-illuminated 600 watt incandescent slide or rotary dimmer. Consult TCP Technical Support or dimmer manufacturer for compatibility with other dimmer types. Can also be used with dimmers designed specifically for CFLs.