PAR20 LED Lamps

Ideal for dimmable PAR20 flood and spot applications


Track Lights, Recessed Downlights, Display Lights, Outdoor fixtures<


  • Smooth, uniform dimming from 100% to 5%
  • Energy Efficient: Up to 80% less energy than halogen alternatives
  • Exceeds all industry performance requirements.
  • Long life: Designed for 50,000 hours (lasts at least 15 times longer than alternative)
  • 25,000 hour rated life for ENERGY STAR qualified lamps.
  • Very Durable: Solid state lighting technology significantly reduces lighting service
  • & maintenance due to robust lighting design. Shatter resistant.
  • Very low heat generation – excellent for sensitive display lighting.
  • Excellent Color consistency and high color rendering (CRI).
  • Available in black and white housings