65 watt LED 2×4 Troffer, DLC & UL Listed

The 2×4 LED Troffer has a compact, lightweight design, making it the ideal LED Troffer for lay-in ceilings applications everywhere.



The 2×4 is an LED troffer is designed for installation in 2-foot by 4-foot conventional suspended grid ceilings for new construction or retrofit projects. Featuring superior, evenly dispersed lighting that sets the standard in performance for solid state ceiling luminaires, can also significantly reduce the number of fixtures needed to light a given area. Custom fixture and power supply kit design allows for quick and easy installation, reducing costly labor time. The superior thermal design will extend both the life of the fixture and power supply. The DLC & UL Listed LED Troffer will last many years without the need for costly replacement or maintenance and because of the ratings there are rebates available.