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KN95 & Disposable Masks

Disposable Medical Mask

  • .98 ea. 50/box
  • Quantity pricing available​

Multi-layer 3-ply disposable face mask. Fluid-resistant, Pleated face mask avoids unfiltered air directly entering into the disposable face masks


  • $3.75 ea. 50/box
  • Quantity pricing available​

This protective mask can efficiently filter dust, particles, haze particles, droplets of saliva,pollen, etc.

  • 4-Layers of protection
  • Filter Efficiency > 95%
  • Breathable
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Safe and soft materials

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The Omega High Bay I-Frame 2-Array was designed for maximum efficiency using a programmable LED. The OmegaLight 180W or 360W fixture replace anything from a 2-lamp T12 fluorescent up to a 1000W HID metal halide.

Reduce wattage up to 80%. A single model T MTB600 using 600W can replace four traditional 1000W metal halide fixtures that use more than 4360W


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